Enabling the financial inclusion of Africa’s “missing middle” businesses

We believe that enabling the financial inclusion of Africa’s “missing middle” businesses is fundamental to the continent’s long-term growth and development.

Mid-sized businesses have traditionally struggled to access credit from commercial banks who are more focused on larger funding opportunities. However, these enterprises are fundamental to realising Africa’s growth and development potential.

By 2030, Africa is expected to be home to over 1.4 billion people with a total consumer expenditure of 2.5 trillion. Further, small- and medium-sized businesses account for over 80% of jobs across Africa.

Building on a strong foundation

Our founders have a proven track record in Africa having led and concluded high-profile cross border transactions. They have also provided bespoke finance solutions to mid-sized and family-run businesses. Realising the impact that these businesses can have on African communities and economies, they established Betula in 2020.

We have provided M&A and corporate finance advisory services to corporates, entrepreneurs, financial sponsors, and development institutions focused primarily on Africa. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory and advisory landscape of the continent’s leading economies. We have established an extensive and trusted network of advisors, bankers, lawyers, and regulators.

What’s in a name?

The business is called Betula because trees, like the Silver Birch (Betula Pendula), reflect longevity, resilience, and have a positive long-term impact on the environment. Trees also never stop growing and become more productive the older they get. We believe that the same goes for proven, well-run businesses. We are inspired to support these businesses to ensure that they continue to make a lasting impact on the communities in which they operate. In doing so, we hope to help bring about the growth and job creation opportunities that Africa needs to succeed.

Birch trees are known for their rapid growth and their ability to establish themselves in new areas. In the same way, Betula is known for its ability to create strong networks in new markets and have a lasting impact on the companies that we invest in.

Birch trees also readily adapt to different soil types and climate conditions in the same way Betula is known for its cultural sensitivity and ability to work with diverse teams across sectors and markets. Lastly, birch trees have a distinctive white bark that differentiates them from other trees in the forest. Betula stands out from traditional providers of capital, providing innovative financing solutions for companies seeking growth capital.