We bring more than financial capital

We provide flexible, innovative capital solutions that match the needs of the businesses we invest in. We invest in mid-sized businesses in Africa that are underserved by traditional lenders.

Our approach is to be an active investor and in doing so we aim to nurture our investments and ensure their lasting impact.

We are motivated to make an impact

We are motivated to make an impact

We see

We believe that companies with the right fundamentals should be able to grow and prosper. By focusing our expertise on missing middle businesses, we are able to multiply our positive impact on local communities.

We seek to

We don’t see problems; we see solutions. We are passionate about developing innovative financial solutions that unlock the potential of mid-sized companies in Africa.

We foster

Our leadership style is collaborative, all opinions are respected, and a culture of diversity is encouraged. We seek to develop local talent and aim to build a diverse team on the ground in the countries we are invested in and to support locally grown businesses, especially those that promote the empowerment of women.

We aim to build an enduring LEGACY

We believe that the businesses of today need to ensure tomorrow. Our investment decisions are driven by the need to ensure a more sustainable future for the communities in which the companies we investment in operate and for the planet as a whole.